The Hammonds of Redcliffe - ADI01044

The Hammonds of Redcliffe
by Carol Bleser, Paperback


  • Purchase this book and receive four free house tour passes for Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site. Print and present your emailed receipt from this order to park staff at Redcliffe Plantation to redeem your free tours. See park for details (up to $20.00 value, no cash value).
  • Drawing on four generations of family correspondence --reflecting the hopes, fears, desires, frustrations, and failures of an American family touched by personal scandal-- this book presents the saga of the Hammonds of Redcliffe from before the Civil War to after the New Deal. Set in Redcliffe, the plantation home of the Hammonds, this sweeping collection of letters, many of them by women, recaptures a way of life that is gone forever as it provides fascinating insights into the reactions of the participants to disaster on the battlefield and on the homefront and into the agony of an eminent plantation family that had to adjust as best it could to a new social order. More than just the story of one family, the book casts in high relief the whole fabric of society: how all people worked and wept, married and mourned, lived and died.
  • Do you want to find out more about Redcliffe and Hammonds? Visit the Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site for a tour! ( )
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