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The Hunting Island Lighthouse and its Lightkeepers

By: Theodore Panayotoff and Linda Miller Foreword: Cassandra King

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At sunset on July 1, 1859, the Hunting Island Lighthouse emitted its first beacon of light to mariners, protecting them from the perils of sandbars and treacherous currents near the coast.


The lighthouse, fitted with its giant-sized lens was so efficient that every 30 seconds the focused light from the simple oil lantern cast a beam 17 miles into the darkness.


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Welcome to the Lighthouse

The history and the mystery of the Hunting Island Lighthouse is fascinating to learn. The Lighthouse was built in 1859, then demolished just a few years later during the Civil War to prevent use by Union troops. Included here, shown for the first time, are the architectural drawings by Johannes Pelz when the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1873.  You’ll learn about its lightkeepers and how they lived, surviving all manner of adventures, storms and hurricanes. With its dramatic black and white coloring and moveable design, the lighthouse has witnessed the Atlantic waves caress the shores and storms unleash their fury. Amid this chaos, the Hunting Island Lighthouse remains resolute, a symbol of enduring hope and guidance.


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