Kayaking For Everyone - CAEI04044

Kayaking for Everyone: Selecting Gear, Learning Strokes, And Planning Trips
by Bill and Mary Burnham


  • Knack Make It Easy: Kayaking for Everyone is the most visually driven and yet informative guide to every aspect of an aquatic sport whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. The first chapters comprise an idea-packed buying guide to kayak design, kayak features, accessories, and gear. The book then presents step-by-step information on transporting, launching and landing, basic and advanced strokes, techniques, navigation, rescues, and expedition planning. In addition, it fully explores recreational (flatwater) kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and sea kayaking, providing instructions for each. Ideas for fun and games and special paddlers (children, the elderly, the handicapped) are also included, as are chapters on weather and first aid.
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